Parental Satisfaction of Runzheng Education and Training Center

Abstract: The purposes of this research are 1) To understand the current development status of primary
school off-campus trusteeship institutions; 2) To find out the problems existing in primary school off-campus
trusteeship institutions and analyze the causes. The population/sample for this research is 150 parents of
students who are in primary care outside the primary school in Runzheng Education and Training Center. The
research instruments and program were Questionnaires and Interviews. This study collects data through
questionnaires and interviews. The variables used in the data collection study were obtained from the parent
satisfaction survey of primary care in primary schools, distributed and collected through “Questionnaire Star”
and offline questionnaires. Use SPSS statistical software to process and analyze the collected data, including
reliability and validity tests, significant difference tests, correlation analyses, etc. The results found that: 1)
Among the four dimensions of the services of off-campus trusteeship institutions, average scores of parental
satisfaction from highest to lowest in order of pick-up, meal, learning, and rest. 2) Parent satisfaction and off-campus trusteeship institutions’ presentation of student pick-up, rest, meal, and learning dimensions are
significantly correlated.
Keywords: Parent’s satisfaction, Education and Training Center, Off-campus trusteeship institutions

Huang, M., Kanjanarat, K., Khan, S., & Punchatree, N. (2023). Parental Satisfaction of Runzheng Education and Training Center. International Journal of Latest Research in Humanities and Social Science (IJLRHSS), 06(06), 156-166. Retrieved from