Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Teacher at GuangXi Polytechnic of Construction

Abstract: This study takes the teacher group of Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction as the research object, investigates and studies the job satisfaction of teachers in the college, analyzes the relevant factors affecting the job satisfaction of teachers in the college, and based on this, proposes guidelines for improving the job satisfaction of teachers in Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction, providing relevant theoretical and data support for improving teacher management and building an excellent teaching team in the college. This study used contracted software to conduct relevant analysis on the collected survey questionnaires, including data collected from the survey questionnaire filled out by teachers from Guangxi Construction Art College. The research findings and recommendations are: increasing national policy support and financial assistance, improving salary and performance management systems, enhancing recognition of the social status of teachers, expanding opportunities for promotion and development, and striving to improve the quality of incoming students. Addressing these factors will help create a more satisfactory working environment for the teachers of the institution.
Keywords: Teachers, Job satisfaction, Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction, Two-factor theory