Effects of Facebook advertising on sustainable brand loyalty and growth: case of Thai start-up businesses. Transnational Corporations Review, 11 Nov 2021. https://doi.org/10.1080/19186444.2021.1986340


Facebook presents an excellent opportunity and flexible way for firms to improve their interactions
with new and potential customers, business contacts, and grow their businesses. This
study investigated the use of Facebook advertising by Start-ups to promote their products and
improve sustainable brand loyalty and growth. Survey data from 225 start-up firms from food
and fashion industry has been analysed by SmartPLS. Results show that engagement of potential
customers, Facebook’s marketing capabilities, page authority, and page update significantly
influence the sustainable brand loyalty and growth of small businesses. Potential customers’
engagement and Facebook page updates were found to have a partial mediation effect of
Facebook’s marketing capabilities on sustainable brand loyalty and growth. The Facebook promotional
campaign has a full mediation effect on sustainable brand loyalty and growth. Based
on the findings, start-up businesses should consider investing in using Facebook as a marketing
tool for their brand loyalty and growth.

KEYWORDS: Facebook page; promotion; page updates; Facebook investments; marketing capabilities; sustainable brand loyalty; growth