Enhancing Headmasters’ execution in Nanning: Investigating the Influence of Social Support

Meng Lingzhi, Kanjanarat, K., Khan, S., & Punchatree, N. (2023). Enhancing Headmasters’ Execution in Nanning: Investigating the Influence of Social Support. In Proceedings of the 2023 2nd International Conference on Science Education and Art Appreciation (Manuscript No. 6RRMUAHURQ). Guilin, China.


In the context of the continuous development of basic education in Nanning, secondary schools have become a core stage of it. The development of secondary schools is inseparable from their headmasters, and the level of their execution directly determines the direction of a school’s development. Therefore, this paper focuses on the variable of headmaster’s execution, with the aim of understanding the general situation of the executive power level of secondary school principals. At the same time, the variable of social support was introduced to explore the execution of headmasters in depth. The following conclusions were drawn: firstly, social support can significantly and positively influence the level of principal’s execution. Secondly, emotional support has the greatest impact on principals’ execution. Thirdly, informational support has the greatest impact on headmasters’ adaptability and innovation in the various dimensions of headmasters’ execution. Based on this, this paper makes targeted recommendations to improve headmasters’ executive performance.