Study on the Interaction between Teachers and Chinese Students in Educational Management and Learning Management Innovation Program at BSRU

ABSTRACT: The purposes of this research are as follows: 1) To investigate the Current situation of interaction between Chinese students and teachers at BSRU. 2) To develop interactive Guidelines for Chinese Students at BSRU. The study included all 47 students from China studying in the 2021 academic year at the Graduate School of Educational Management and Innovation at BSRU, and 3 teachers were randomly selected to participate in the interview. The research tools were a questionnaire survey, literature review, and interview. Through the interactive teaching between teachers and students of BSRU, statistical methods such as frequency, percentage, and mean standard deviation were used for data analysis. The results found that 1) The current status of teacher-student interaction at BSRU. In this study, the teacher’s goal orientation in teacher-student interaction and feedback on students’ responsive learning behaviors will directly affect students’ learning efficiency and, consequently, learning goal attainment. Therefore, to enable students to successfully achieve their learning goals, teachers should first understand the specific pointers of behaviors that affect teacher-student interaction, to enhance the efficiency of teachers’ classroom teaching and improve the quality of classroom teaching. 2) The development of the “BSRU Teacher-Student Interaction Guide” can summarize a set of teaching models and methods suitable for international students, and provide reference and reference for improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching. Keywords: Interaction, Teacher-student Interaction