Rungrueng, P., Chuntaratin, P. & Sungthongwises, K. (2020). Effect of Growth Regulators on Begonia sp. Julau Propagation. Asian Journal. Plant Science, 19(4), 463-46.

Abstract: Background and Objective: Begonia sp. Julau is an ornamental plant that has attractive leaves and flowers. Importing the Julau begonias effects the survival of plant and difficult for transplanting in natural condition. Therefore, this research aimed to increase the number of Begonia sp. Julau by the plant tissue culture technique. Materials and Method: Research on asexual propagation of Begonia sp. Julau started by searching for a suitable part to sterilize. Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium was used to investigate shoot and root induction with the different concentrations of Benzyl Adenine (BA) and Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA). Results: The results showed that MS medium supplemented with 0.4 mg L–1 of BA induced a maximum number of shoots (41 shoots) within 4 months. MS medium with 0.5 mg L–1 of IBA induced longer roots than MS medium without plant growth regulator within 2 months. Conclusion: The leaves are a suitable part of Begonia sp. Julau for plant tissue culture. The survival rates were 100% after transplanting with sphagnum moss in plastic box conditions.