Learn COVID-19 to Make You Follow the News and Discuss this Important Topic Confidently and Majestically in English


               World Health Organization (WHO) (2020) reported that for the week ending 16 August 2020, over 1.8 million new COVID-19 cases and 39,000 new deaths were reported to WHO. This brings the cumulative total to 21.2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases including 761,000 deaths. In the past seven days, the number of reported daily cases rapidly increased with an average of 260,000 cases and 5,500 deaths. This interesting information was mainly reported in English because English is a global language. To maintain international relationship in science, medicine, technology, education, business, tourism, travel and so on, English serves the purpose as a common language and a global language. As English plays an outstanding role in almost all the fields in the present globalized world, there is a need to follow the news and discuss about COVID-19 in English to make Thais have more confidence in order to understand the situation and be able to majestically communicate with other people in other countries.

Keywords:  COVID-19, Vocabularies and Expressions in English, Confidence in Speaking