An empirical study of Teachers’ beliefs based on the structural equation Model

Abstract: The research objectives are to investigate the present situation of preschool teachers’ beliefs and to construct the Chinese preschool teachers’ belief model. The population of this study is about 3000 Preschool teachers in Guiyang, a southwest city in China. Uses the Yamane formula to select 369 Preschool teachers who came to participate in the national teacher development program in the summer of 2023 as the objects for investigation, conformed to the principle of stratified sampling. Research methods include the survey method and structural equation model, which shows that sample preschool teachers’ beliefs can be discussed from five aspects: teaching attitude, teaching experience, environmental identity, working attitude, and professional attainment. On this basis, a questionnaire tool for measuring preschool teachers’ beliefs was developed. The questionnaire has good reliability and validity and can be used as a reliable tool to evaluate the beliefs of preschool teachers. Through this model, it is found that the teaching concept has the greatest influence on the formation of preschool teachers’ beliefs.

Keywords: Teacher belief; Preschool teacher; Structural equation