A Role of the University Leader in the 21st Century: A Case Study at Bansomdejchaopr at Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat Univ a Rajabhat University,Thailand

Learning is a life-long process, it requires dedication and motivation on the students and lecturers
part; and resources and moral support on the administrators part.
A leader‘s duty in an educational institution is to provide a system where the lecturers achieve the
desired learning outcome not only because they are empowered, competent and accountable, but
also because they care. The co-administrators must exercise visionary leadership responsive to
emerging learning needs of the nation; ensure adequate resources; promote appropriate
technology; create and sustain a climate conducive to enhancing learning. The 21st century
educational world is becoming highly competitive in many aspects. The leader‘s primary role is to
foster an organization committed to a culture of excellence in public service, with the emphasis on
human resources being most important for our country.
This article aims to assist higher education institute leaders to continuously improve the leadership
practice in terms of competency and commitment from whatever level it begins, regardless of
conditions prevailing and resources available. Moreover, it aims to explain the challenges facing
the administrators in promoting higher education in the global community as well as developing the
international links with appropriate organizations and individuals.